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Monday, January 2nd, 2012
11:05 pm
Mobile Sites/Apps for TV Listings
Are there any mobile web sites that have minimal if no graphics and that are accessible with either MobileSpeak or VoiceOver that give you TV listings? Also, are there any apps accessible via MobileSpeak or VoiceOver that do the same thing? If so, what are they?
Saturday, December 10th, 2011
3:40 pm
Updating Existing Contacts
How do I update an existing contact on my HP iPAQ Glisten with Windows Mobile 6.5? When I go to my Phone window and select the number I want to use to update my existing contact then hit Edit, none of my existing contacts come up, just stuff like "New contact", "Pay my bill", etc. (I am with AT&T and their customer service couldn't help me.)
Friday, November 11th, 2011
5:00 pm
"Button Breaker"?

STATS: HP iPAQ Glisten / MobileSPeak / Windows Mobile 6.5

When I go into Start > Settings > Personal > Buttons, one possible option that I can assign to the four programmable buttons is something that sounds like it's called a "button breaker". What the heck is that???
Thursday, November 10th, 2011
7:11 pm
AT&T Ringtone Shopping
Is the site(s) to which AT&T takes you from your phone to shop for ringtones accessible to mobile screen reading software, specifically, MobileSpeak with Windows Mobile 6.5 on an HP iPAQ Glisten phone?
Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
2:53 pm
MobileSpeak Question: Multi-Line Text Fields

How, precisely, do I get out of multi-line edit boxes when I am done entering text into them? I always seem to get stuck in them

My "Review Cursor" doesn't work for this as it doesn't always read all of the text on the page and it seems to just read what is presently visible on the screen as opposed to the entire web page.!

Friday, October 21st, 2011
5:16 pm
Muting the Ringtone

First, the obligatory stats: I've an HP iPAQ Glisten phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 and MobileSpeak 4.5.2.

Now, to my question...

How, exactly, do I mut the ringer on this phone so I can hear my caller ID being read by MobileSpeak? The MS manual simply doesn't make sense to me on this point (Spanish to English translation?).

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
4:03 pm
Ringtone Issues

I am using an HP Glisten phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 and MobileSpeak on it.

I recently copied an MP3 file from my computer to the My Documents > My Ringtones folder on my phone. However, when I go on my phone to Start > Settings > Sounds and Notifications > Notifications, that MP3 file does not appear in my RIngtones list. I reset my phone by turning it off and then on again, but the MP3 file still did not appear on my phone's Ringtones list under Sounds and Notifications.

How do I get the MP3 I transferred from my computer to my phone to show up on my phone's Ringtones list?
Monday, September 26th, 2011
5:27 pm
Accessible Apps
Anyone know where I can find a comprehensive list of accessible (or at least, reasonably accessibl) apps for smartphones?

Right now, in particular, I am looking for an accessible weather app that will display accessible information right on my home screen.

(I am using an HP Glisten with MobileSpeak 4.5.2 and Windows Mobile 6.5.)
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
5:51 pm
Nokia 6620
Does anyone know how one can increase font size when making notes in the Notes app that comes with the Symbian OS for the Nokia 6620? Also, does anyone know how to increase font size generally for menus, etc.? Can one also change contrast settings on this phone by default (specifically, to white text on black background)?

Thursday, March 17th, 2011
4:26 pm

I would like to find a GPS (designed especially for the blind) that is integrated into my mobile phone. I have thus far discovered Code Factory's MobileGeo. I would like to have reviews of this. Also, if you have any better suggestions for such a GPS, please let me know.

1:23 pm
Cell Phone Shopping
MK, guys, I'm looking for a phone that supports both MobileSpeak and MobileGeo. I'd like one with a camera (as I have some vision), five-way navigation, WiFi, a QWERTY keyboard and that works with AT&T.

So far, either the LG IQ or the LG eXPo seem promising. What makes one better than the other? What makes one worse than the other? How are each in terms of pricing? Any other recommendations for phones that meet the specifications listed above? Any further information on the phones I've mentioned or on phones you'd recommend?
Thursday, October 1st, 2009
4:24 pm
unthreading text messages on samsung jack
Hi.  I have the Samsung Jack with Mobile Speak on it, from AT&T.  Does anyone know how to un-thread or un-group text messages on this phone?  I'cm looking for the easiest way to do so.  I've tried installing a file that's supposed to do this, but it's not working.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
3:56 pm
Intro and a Question
I just joined this community, and I have a question right off the bat. Recently I purchased a Nokia 6650 with the idea of installing Mobile Speak on it. I'm having a problem, however. Apparently the USB connection on Nokia phones is proprietary, and the cable I got that supposedly fits this phone doesn't. I've oerdered another cable, and we'll see if that one works any better. My question is, is there anyone in this community who is successfully using the nokia 6650? I'd be very interested to know. Thanks in advance.
Monday, April 27th, 2009
2:26 pm
Nokia 6682
Hi, I’m not sure if selling is allowed in this community, but I have a nokia 6682 for sale in good condition. The phone has a copy of talks already installed and comes with charger, extra battery, headphone adapter and a 4 GB memory card.

Feel free to ask any questions.

$200 is the asking price, but all offers are welcome.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009
2:59 pm
BlackJack II or Moto Q
Anyone here have thoughts on the BlackJack II or the Moto Q? If you have recs of another phone that can take Mobile Speak and has the following, I'm open to suggestions. I need a phone that can:
Wireless sync with outlook calendar through microsoft exchange server
get email
text message
has QWERTY keyboard
is available form verizon or AT&T

Sunday, September 14th, 2008
6:03 am
New Phone
Hey all,
I am looking for a new phone that you can get mobile speak on,
The company that I have is atnt, what I had an idea for is a cue, I'm not sure what model.
I would really like something like a pda, and is around $99.
Does anyone know where I can find some phones?
I really don't want an lg.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
3:05 pm
Doro HandleEasy 330gsm
Can anyone tell me if Doro HandleEasy 330gsm mobile phone can actually be used in the United States? It is dual-band, and unlocked, if that helps. I have been searching high and low and this is the most awesome phone for visually impaired that I have seen yet, and it includes SMS... but it looks like it's only available for the UK.

Trying to find a suitable phone that I can see is giving me a massive headache. I have never had a cell phone before, so I feel kind of clueless. Somebody please tell me if I can use this in the US... if not, can anyone recommend a cell phone with a display and keypad that is as easy to see as this?

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